International Medical Assistance

“Going beyond boundaries”

For international medical assistance we provide the following services:

  • Medical Consultation, Evaluation and Referrals
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation
  • Medical Repatriation
  • Hospital Admission Assistance
  • Interpreter and Legal Referrals

Second Medical Opinion:


With our partner providers we have a swift and seamless process for second opinion where and when required. We do a thorough review of the specialists and shortlist only the best in their respective fields.


  • South East Asia: Through our local partners we arrange second medical opinion services in Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal etc.
  • We have a program in place with our international partners for medical second opinion services for Participants and such services are available (i) when a Participant’s medical condition is undiagnosed by a treating physician; (ii) when a Participant seeks an additional medical opinion following an original diagnosis; and (iii) when the determination of the most appropriate course of medical treatment is required based on an current diagnosis.